Friday Prayers suspended

As-salamu alaykum,

In line with the recent guidelines regarding Coronavirus from Parliament, the Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim scholars, and following the example of other mosques around Britain, – it is with a heavy heart that Haverfordwest Central Mosque has decided to suspend all Friday prayers until further notice.

The Friday prayer is one of the symbols of Islam. Please continue to follow its sunnahs:

1. Friday ghusl, wear your best clothes and perfume
2. Read surah al Kahf (surah 18)
3. Make dua and send Salawat upon the prophet (pbuh)
4. Increase in good deeds

The mosque’s fundraising continues so that we can be a true source of support and strength for our community during difficult times such as these in the future, Insha’Allah. If you wish to give any sadaqah you can do so at

Please pray your Dhuhr ظهر prayer at home