Eid announcement

OFFICIAL EID ANNOUNCEMENT The new moon of Shawwal hasn’t been sighted today. Eid will be celebrated on Thursday 13th May 2021Doors open: 8:15am | Jamat: 9:00amCherry Grove Registry Office, Haverfordwest https://goo.gl/maps/eERw8anBvV4GTs8u8 Separate Ladies prayer Hall Places allocated on a first come first serve basis Please bring your own: Prayer mat Mask Plenty of parking space Please attend early to avoid disappointment


The new moon has NOT been sighted in Saudi Arabia. Eid AlFitr will be celebrated on Sunday 24th May 2020. In sha Allah May Allah ﷻ accept our fasting, prayers and ‘ibadah and allow us to end the blessed month of #Ramadan with devotion and ‘ibadah. Aameen

Haverfordwest Mosque Youtube Channel

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters,We are happy to announce that we launched a Youtube channel with Islamic stories for children: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-_yXual70JThymOZeblqOw View the first video:

Friday Prayers suspended

As-salamu alaykum, In line with the recent guidelines regarding Coronavirus from Parliament, the Muslim Council of Britain, Muslim scholars, and following the example of other mosques around Britain, – it is with a heavy heart that Haverfordwest Central Mosque has decided to suspend all Friday prayers until further notice. The Friday prayer is one of the symbols of Islam. Please continue to follow its sunnahs: 1. Friday ghusl, wear your best clothes and perfume 2. Read surah al Kahf (surah …

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Eid al-Adha 2019

Haverfordwest Mosque Eid 2019

AsSalaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, Happy to announce that Eid will be on Sunday, August 11th. Salah starts at 10:00am and please bring your prayer mats. We will have an Eid Lunch and Party from 1:00pm to 4:30pm. It is a one dish party so please bring a little something with you. JazakAllah khayr.